Previous Testimonials

“Testimony of Gareth’s healing In late January last year, Gareth landed up in ICU with a resting heart rate of 140bpm (a regular heart beat is between 70 and 90). The Dr’s put him on medication which he had to take every 12hrs. For over a year his heart rate was consistently in the late 120’s and early 130’s, even on the medication. If he took his medication even an hour later than he should, he would have an attack which would make his heart pound extremely hard and fast. Sometimes these attacks would last for up to 20mins, He’d get clammy and start to feel pain in his left arm. It was very scary to witness. As Christians, we embarked on a journey to looking at our one true healer, Jesus Christ. We prayed, we fasted, we prayed, we listened to healing teachings, friend and family encouraged us, we prayed some more, we attended healing sermons through different churches, we prayed, we lost our way out of confusion and often had times of wanting to just give up, but something amazing would happen and we’d pick ourselves back up and the cycle would start again, we stood in faith, spoke life and prayed – we really prayed a lot, haha. Gareth was supposed to go for his operation in early October last year, it was cancelled due to medical aid complications, so once we had sorted everything out we booked the operation again and we were due to go on 14 April this year. Then Tuesday happened, God gave me Isaiah 35, it made me feel encouraged that God was working. I messaged Gareth and told him to read the chapter, I told him the manifestation of his healing was near. An hour after sending him the message, I saw on Hillsongs Facebook page that you were holding a healing service the next night (last night). So with expectant hearts we attended the service, it was inspiring and it gave us great direction. You started calling people onto the stage and healings were happening, at the end you prayed over everyone, you asked us to put our hands on our hearts, repeat his prayer and thank God for our healing. God lead me to put my hand over Gareth’s heart, which I did. After the prayer you told us to test if our healing had taken place, I placed my ear on Gareth’s chest and shot back up, looked at him and said ‘I think you need to check your heart rate’. So he picked up his phone checked his heart and it was beating at 72bpm, checked again 10 mins later 74bpm. We got home, with the widest grins on our faces and thanked God for His healing. Gareth decided to not take his medication last night, woke up this morning, 67bpm, he got up and got dressed for work, check his heart rate 68bpm…..checked his heart rate at 10:45 74bpm. PRAISE JESUS! Gareth has not taken his medication for 24hrs and his heart is fine, it’s more than fine, it’s healed and whole – THANK YOU JESUS! Andrew Kubala thank you for your teaching! Be Blessed xx”

Nicole, Hillsong South Africa, 2016

“Dear Pastor. 3 years ago I suffered from unbelievable pain throughout my body. I could not walk up or down chairs. Getting out of bed in the morning was a process as I could not move in the morning. I would wake up during the night crying of pain. No pain medicine helped. No massages. Nothing. Then you came to Hillsong Capetown. You prayed for me. The pain eased but not completely. The next year when you came I went up for prayer again. I am now healed. Before this I did not believe that one can be healed when someone prays for you but now I am a believer! Thank you so much for praying for me! “

Vennice, Hillsong South Africa, 2016


“Minutes away from the countdown to 2012, I decided it would be a different year. After countless visits to my GP, Physio, chiropractor, masseuse and pain killers, I decided I would stop trying to make the pain in my back go away and just accept that it would always be there. It only takes faith as small as a mustard see to move a mountain, but my mountain looked too big and wouldn’t go away. At Summer Camp, a funny New Zealand speaking Pastor was humble enough to hear God’s voice and ask for “someone experiencing back pain” to go out the front and get prayed for. How incredible would it be if we all stepped out in faith when God asks us to take action?! He prayed for me and I felt a shift and release in my hip and leg. My hip that had been out of place, was now align and causing me no discomfort or pain. My left leg that had been shorter than my right was now equally on the ground. I used to have problems sleeping because of the pain, but that night I had the best sleep of my life and woke up before my alarm and leaped out of bed! I can play twister with my beautiful little sister-to-be, jump on the trampoline, drive in the car without discomfort and sit pain free and healed! Praise God! P.S – For those who are praying for a miracle, whether you have a sore toe or you have cancer, I believe God’s timing is perfect. I couldn’t think of a better time than now for God to heal me. I pray you get a ‘hip’ experience like mine.”  Emily, Wollongong


“Dear Ps Janine, your visit here has made a massive impact in our Church and I would like to share some of this with you. On Saturday as we were setting up for the Ladies Conference I injured my foot. By that evening my foot was in a lot of pain and I was seriously contemplating not attending. However I had invited a few Ladies to the event so I knew I had to be there no matter what. When you were praying for my foot it wasn’t healed instantly but it did get progressively better the more you prayed. Even after the conference was over and I went home – it kept getting better. The next morning when I woke up my foot was completely healed – what an awesome miracle!! But the best part about is while you were praying for me there was a young atheist lady in the audience who said to one of our congregation members that if God heals my foot she will come to Church. God responded to her statement because whilst you were praying for me the power and anointing of God fell on her powerfully. She experienced His touch and was overwhelmed. How amazing is that! Then on Sunday morning someone we had been praying for over two years gave his heart to the Lord Jesus because of the things you said. You spoke powerfully and Jesus made a deep connection into his heart through you. Thank you for your obedience and faithfulness with the gifts that the Lord has entrusted to you.”  Tandy, Western Australia


“Hi Andrew, I just want to say a huge thank you to Jesus and you for your healing ministry. I have suffered hearing problems since birth with my Grandfather’s side of the family having hearing troubles which claimed two lives in the last 4 generations. I also grew up on a farm operating machinery and shooting without hearing protection. I’m classed as profoundly deaf. You prayed with me for healing of my hearing and you commented about the extreme heat in your hands.  Since then my hearing has improved each day and I have not worn my hearing aids again. I have been able to listen to phone calls, hear conversations on the TV at a lower volume without subtitles, hear my family discussions at home and within the car. This has been God’s grace! My hearing continues each day. I now hear the car squeaks, rattles, the ceiling fans and much more! Thank you again and I know Jesus is walking with you. ”  John, Maroochydore


“I had an accident and broke 15 bones including 3 in my neck.  The doctor said it would take 12 months for me to recover, with arthritis as a permanent side effect.  You prayed for me and it has only taken 5 weeks for me to be completely healed with no signs of arthritis!”  Kevin, USA


“I had been in constant back pain for the last 6-7 years, to the point where I was unable to sleep at night.  And now the pain is gone. Since that night I have had great night sleeps and continue to be without pain.”  Josie, New Zealand


“I fell off the house at age 8. This caused spinal injuries that brought pain and huge headaches from then on. When Ps Andrew prayed for me all the pain left. I have X-rays to show that my back and hip are now healed! Praise God! He has healed me!”  Sandy, Australia


“When Ps Andrew prayed for me I felt a power come through me, so much so that I could not stand, and collapsed onto my knees. When I stood back up there was no more pain, and my movement was no longer restricted. The MRI scan results after my healing experience are very conclusive, no more “pars defect”. This is truly a miracle! Glory to GOD!”   Sam, Australia


“I have not taken any asthma medication since June when you prayed for me. I am still keeping the healing and will not let the enemy steal it away!”  Barbara, USA


“For years I have battled anorexia nervosa and have been in and out of hospitals. I started cutting myself and then a few years ago attempted suicide. I am covered in scars inside and out. I heard you share your story and found out that God loved me unconditionally, and it was amazing! You picked me out of the crowd and gave me your book and told me that God loved me and that I was beautiful. I couldn’t believe it! Everything changed. I haven’t been in hospital for over 9 months. Thank you for giving me hope!”  Michelle, Australia


“I’d been diagnosed with anorexia and made no progress after months of therapy with a psychologist.  My youth pastor gave me a copy of your book, ‘Princess’. You signed it and prayed for me, and God showed up in an amazing way, it was awesome! I read your book and my bible for the next few days and God has fully healed me!”  Rachel, New Zealand


“I was in a very dark place and on a road of destruction. I was plagued with self hate, struggled with an eating disorder and suffered depression. I had lost my faith in God completely. I knew I had to do something or I would have either ended up dead or in a psychiatric hospital. I listened to your CD series ‘The Pathway to Freedom’ and it gave me the strength to put the past behind me and to look to God for guidance.  I am now free!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have changed my life and restored my faith in the Lord.”  Maddy, Australia


“I have lived a secret life since the age of 8 when my older brother started sexually abusing me.  The abuse stopped when I was 15, but it didn’t end the war going on inside me. I have been in and out of counseling, taking drugs, and cutting my wrists and legs. I eventually attempted suicide, but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get myself fully dead. When I heard you share your testimony I felt a warmth come over me and I knew my life could change. I listened to ‘The Pathway to Freedom CD’ and I forgave my brother. After that I was healed and I knew that God was with me because I didn’t feel alone any more. I no longer feel sad and all the tears have stopped.”  Heidi, New Zealand


“My husband and I have been trying to fall pregnant for years.  When you prayed for me you prophesied that I would fall pregnant soon and have no complications. 3 months later I discovered I was pregnant. My husband and I are over the moon! I am holding on to the words that there will be no complications and am excited about the future.”  Michelle, Australia