New Blog: Walking Alone

It is interesting that although we are surrounded with so many people in our workplaces, neighbourhoods and social media, we can all of a sudden have an overwhelming sense of loneliness. I laugh out loud as I write this after Janine has just … [Read More...]

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Andrew’s Next Stop


Suncoast Church // 27 April 2014

Ps Andrew Kubala
Speaking For: Ps Chas & Fran Gullo

Suncoast Church // 10am & 6pm
A: Cnr Schubert Rd and Kiel Mountain Road, Woombye
E: mail@suncoast.org.au
W: www.suncoast.org.au
P: +617 5442 2200

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The Great Fail

The Great Fail!

A year ago I turned 40! I was afraid something might fall off.  So far so good, but I’ve decided not to take any chances. The passing of time is a strange phenomenon.  I am now closer to 60 than I am to 16 but as far as I can tell the only real … [Read More...]

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Janine’s Next Stop


Esther’s Voice Retreat -Cambodia // 2-13 April 2014

2-12 April:
Ps Janine Kubala
Leading Esther’s Voice Women’s Retreats

13th April:
Ps Janine Kubala
Speaking for Ps Jessea & Soar McCaul
New Life Church Cambodia

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