Women’s retreats in Cambodia

In August, Ps Janine returned to Cambodia with Ps Carolyn Carello from C3 Rockingham to hold retreats for pastor’s wives and leaders through New Life Fellowship in Phnom Penh. Two retreats were held, one in Phnom Penh for the city pastors and leaders and one in Krang Thong Village for the provincial pastors and leaders.

There were approximately 100 women in attendance and Ps Janine and Ps Carolyn ministered in the areas of working alongside your husband in ministry, healing of the heart, the power of words and effectively communicating the gospel message.

Language and cultural differences are no limitation for the power of God. Both Ps Janine and Ps Carolyn ministered with interpreters and the women had access to Khmer bibles, however the strongest form of ministry was through the power of the Holy Spirit, prayer and impartation. The power of God was evident in all of the meetings and there were a number of salvation decisions, miracles of healing and women being set free from different forms of oppression.

The women’s retreats are just a part of a much bigger work that God is doing amongst His daughters in Cambodia. It’s exciting to be a part of what God is doing and to be partnering with C3 Rockingham and New Life Fellowship in this ministry.

Ps Janine Kubala