Hillsong Capetown, South Africa

Pastor Andrew Kubala

Hillsong Capetown

When: 21st of July

Service Times:   8:30am    10am    11:30am    5pm    6:30pm

Address:  1 Kinetic Way, Century City, Cape Town, 7446, South Africa

Website:  https://hillsong.com/southafrica/century-city/




Hillsong Johannesburg, South Africa


Pastor Andrew Kubala

Hillsong Johannesburg

When:  28th of July

Service Times:  10am     11:30am      5pm      6:30pm

Address:  36 Stiemens St, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

Website:  https://hillsong.com/southafrica/braamfontein/

Amsterdam – Door Brekers Church

Pastor Andrew is off to Door Brekers Church in Amsterdam on the 12th of May!

Speaking at all services!

For more information go to:


Hillsong Denmark

Pastor Andrew will be speaking at all services on Sunday the 19th at Hillsong Copenhagen in Denmark.

More info check out Hillsong Copenhagen

CPH Campus


School of Healing

Pastor Andrew is holding powerful ‘School of Healing’ services at Hillsong Copenhagen on Saturday 18th of May.  Don’t miss this powerful event!

For more details check out Hillsong Copenhagen:

CPH Campus

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