Janine Kubala

Pastor Janine is a passionate evangelist who ministers God’s word with warmth and a depth of revelation that open hearts and changes lives.  Janine’s powerful story connects with both men and women. The impact of her ministry sees many people make decisions for Christ and imparts a spirit of evangelism that inspires those who already know Him to connect the people in their own lives to God. Janine ministers regularly at churches and conferences throughout Australia and around the world. 

Janine grew up on the South Coast of NSW in a wonderful family who gave her a strong foundation in Christ, but she chose to walk away from Him in her early twenties. It was the worst decision she ever made (followed closely by her decision made soon after to live with drug dealers in Central America!).

It was in 1994 when Janine found herself living in a village on the border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. She was staying with a group of people who were dealing drugs and became tangled up in a drug deal that turned dark when a major drug dealer wanted to buy her as part of the deal. Running for her life, stumbling through the thick of the jungle, in that moment Janine felt utterly helpless and completely alone.  However, at the same time, on the other side of the world, her mother was praying. And it was those prayers that lead to Janine discover that no matter where she ran to, or how lost she became; she could never escape God’s love.

In 1996 at the age of 24, Janine had a dramatic encounter with God and gave her life to Christ.  It was and remains the best decision she has ever made! The power of Janine’s testimony has connected thousands of people to Christ. In 2008 Janine and her husband Andrew moved to Sydney, Australia to establish a ministry as itinerant healing evangelists in partnership with C3 Oxford Falls with Ps Phil and Chris Pringle. In 2012 Janine founded Esther’s Voice, a ministry focused on human trafficking prevention and bringing healing to women rescued from the sex industry. Janine has been married to her husband Andrew for 19 years. They, along with their two sons, Samuel and Jonathan, have recently relocated their ministry to Wollongong, Australia.

Kubala Ministries aims to fulfill this vision by partnering with local churches to build God’s Kingdom through evangelism and healing the sick. They currently operate the following ministries:

Itinerant ministry at churches, conferences and events;

  • Itinerant ministry at churches, conferences and events
  • Believe TV – a reality TV series that documents people’s real life journeys through supernatural healing
  • Training seminars including: Evangelism, Moving in the Miraculous and Pathways to Freedom
  • Healed Conferences
  • Believe Schools of Healing

Janine is a healing evangelist with a warm and engaging style and a powerful testimony that demonstrates the faithfulness and unfailing love of God. The power of her testimony has bought change to thousands of lives. Her passion for truth enables her to present the word of God with a depth of revelation that both inspires and challenges. Since Kubala Ministries was established in July 2008 Andrew and Janine have seen tens of thousands of decisions for Christ and miracles of healing.

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