‘Believe’ Miracles Happen Today

The message of Jesus Christ is as real and as powerful as it was 2,000 years ago!  Many people will be able to experience the reality of God’s healing power through the ‘Believe’ Healing tours that will be held throughout Australia over the upcoming months.

The tours will be hosted by Kubala Ministries in partnership with local churches and are a great opportunity for people who are sick or who have friends and family who are sick to come and experience the healing power of God.

Ps Andrew Kubala is a leading healing evangelist and in his ministry continually sees people receive miracles of healing in their bodies.  For Ps Andrew, healing is personal and is something that is very close to his heart.  As a teenager, he experienced the healing power of God first hand when had leukemia.

‘I don’t just think that God’s going to heal people, I believe that God’s going to heal people because God healed me.’ Ps Andrew Kubala

The tours are interdenominational, citywide events and are open to the public. They will consist of a time of teaching and prayer for the sick.

‘The power of God is for everyone.’ Ps Andrew Kubala