Ministry in the Netherlands – Ps Andrew & Janine Kubala

Ps Andrew and Janine traveled to Europe in November to minister in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It was amazing to see what God has done in the space of a year since they were last there. God is doing incredible things through the church in the Netherlands. Religion and tradition have had a strong influence over people’s view and experience of God and it is very encouraging to see churches that are full, vibrant, growing and filled with people hungry for the reality of God.

Ps Andrew and Janine ministered in Amsterdam, Arnhem and Enschede for Ps Steve and Lizby Warren. Ps Andrew met with the leadership teams from all campuses and spoke with them about healing and moving in the supernatural. Ps Andrew and Janine saw over 100 people make decisions for Christ in the Sunday services and a number of people received healing. Ps Steve and Lizby are doing an amazing job and are seeing incredible growth in all of their campuses. It’s an exciting time for the church in the Netherlands!

The following weekend Ps Andrew and Janine ministered at C3 Cheltenham in England. Ps Ali Bates and the team have recently moved into their own building which is located right in the centre of Cheltenham and surrounded by houses. The new facilities are providing an amazing opportunity for outreach into the community and are in constant use throughout the week. Ps Andrew ministered at the Sunday services and ran a seminar on Moving in the Miraculous which was well attended.

The Cause Community Church – California

In 2005, with only 50 people, The Cause Community Church was birthed. What began at the home of Ps Bob and Sherry Reeve, the founding pastors, quickly grew to a 200-300 person movie theatre in Brea, California. With popcorn offering buckets circling the rows for 5 years, each Sunday, the church faithfully filled them up longing for their future building. But, waiting and hoping was not what they did.

After 3 live worship recordings; church out-reaches touching over 10,000 lives in the surrounding cities of Orange County; mission trips and church planting to the Dominican Republic, Africa and China, The Cause Community

Church has taken their calling by storm. Then, on February 8th, 2009, after 5 years of receiving a prophecy that the church would be a beacon to the world, The Cause stepped into their new church building, on 950 Beacon Street. Now with 2,000 people in attendance, 3 main services, and children, youth and young adult services, appropriately called The Movement, The Cause is ready to launch this new decade for Christ!
From the heart of founding Pastor, Ps. Bob Reeve: “God has positioned us at this time, in this specific season to provide leadership and revelation to a world in need.

The prevalent awareness of my soul is that we are about to see incredible events and occurrences, and we are exactly where God wants us to be…ready to make a difference. As one plaque on a cathedral in Europe states, ”This church was built to do the best of things in the darkest of times,” so we too will participate in the breakthrough work of God. The Cause is no work of man, no creation of the flesh; it is the work of the Spirit. A divinely ordained movement birthed to love our communities, care for the lonely, comfort the grieved, and bring healing to the bruised and broken, the afflicted and downtrodden.”

Liberty Christian Outreach Centre, Melbourne

Friday, 11th – Saturday, 12th May 2012

Ps Janine Kubala

Speaking for Ps Bob & Toni Taranto

Times: Friday 11th May TBC & Saturday 12th May TBC

P: (03) 8401 4822


‘Believe’ Miracles Happen Today

The message of Jesus Christ is as real and as powerful as it was 2,000 years ago!  Many people will be able to experience the reality of God’s healing power through the ‘Believe’ Healing tours that will be held throughout Australia over the upcoming months.

The tours will be hosted by Kubala Ministries in partnership with local churches and are a great opportunity for people who are sick or who have friends and family who are sick to come and experience the healing power of God.

Ps Andrew Kubala is a leading healing evangelist and in his ministry continually sees people receive miracles of healing in their bodies.  For Ps Andrew, healing is personal and is something that is very close to his heart.  As a teenager, he experienced the healing power of God first hand when had leukemia.

‘I don’t just think that God’s going to heal people, I believe that God’s going to heal people because God healed me.’ Ps Andrew Kubala

The tours are interdenominational, citywide events and are open to the public. They will consist of a time of teaching and prayer for the sick.

‘The power of God is for everyone.’ Ps Andrew Kubala


North Shore Christian Centre

Sunday, 5th February 2012

Ps Janine Kubala

Speaking for Ps John & Anne Iuliano

Times: Sunday 5th February at 10:00am

P: (02) 9417 7377


Life Church Townsville

Saturday, 11th – Sunday, 12th February 2012

Ps Janine Kubala

Speaking for Ps Lynn Ireland

Times: TBC

P: (07) 4775 4722


C3 Church Port Hedland

Saturday, 25th – Sunday, 26th February 2012

Ps Janine Kubala

Speaking for Ps David & Lil Hooper

Times: Saturday 25th February at 6:30pm & 7:50pm & Sunday 26th February at 9:00am & 10:30am

P: (08) 9140 2770


Life Church Brisbane

Sunday, 11th – Monday, 12th March 2012

Ps Janine Kubala

Speaking for Ps Geoff & Lee Blight

Times: Sunday 11th March at 9:30am & 5:00pm & Monday 12th March at 7:30pm

P: (07) 3719 3177


Attending Hillsong, “Colour Your World” Women’s Conference

Thursday, 15th – Saturday, 17th March 2012

Ps Janine attending

Visit for more details

New Life Fellowship “Reach” – Healing & Evangelistic Crusades, Phonm Penh, Cambodia

Monday, 19th – Wednesday, 28th March 2012

Ps Andrew & Janine Kubala

Speaking for Ps Jessie McCaul

P: 855-23-721-19